Ricky Riky’s Wife Bianca Blamed For His Death

Ricky Riky’s Wife Bianca Blamed For His Death

Ricky Riky’s Wife Bianca Blamed For His Death

Controversial YouTuber Slik Talk has once again hit a nerve with his latest video which was uploaded today. The sharp-tongued YouTuber inevitably spoke about the passing of Ricky Rick and his comments undoubtedly had the nation talking. This time, Slik fired severe shots on Ricky Rick’s wife , Bianca Naidoo, Lasizwe and Big Zulu.

WATCH: "Where Was Bianca When Riky Rick Was Suffering?" - Slik Talk Sparks Controversy

First off, Slik questioned Bianca and for a lack of a better word, blamed her for Riky Rick’s suicide and being unsupportive. According to Slik Talk, Ricky Rick showed suicidal signs from two years ago and she should have been his shoulder to cry on and offer him support. In the video which has now gone viral, Slik Talk asks :

Where was Bianca in all of this. Where was the person sleeping next to him every night? Where you there for this man when he needed you the most. He needed the help, he needed support.

Slik Talk continued with his rant and said there were holes in the story on how his suicide story and how he was first found by his management team and not his wife since he was at home when the suicide happened.


https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js In the same video, Slik Talk shifted his attention to Lasizwe and Big Zulu. The two have been clout chasing and faking their heartbreak towards Ricky Rick’s death. He called Big Zulu and Lasizwe out for crying on their Instagram live, looking for views and sympathy.

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