Remember Zethu Khanyile From Imbewu? Check Out How Old She Is Below

Zethu Khanyile From Imbewu

Do you remember Zethu Khanyile from Imbewu? One of the characters which left many South Africans who watch Imbewu broken and wondering how many women go through the same experience Zethu went through in the name of love. She fell in love with Nkululeko Bengu who promised to love her through it all (thick and thin), but just like many other people, Nkululeko didn’t keep his promises whereas Zethu gave him her all.

Nkululeko was one of those people in Zethu’s life which she trusted with everything she had but unfortunately she was let down after Nkululeko cheated on her with another woman when she was pregnant whom he later on left Zethu for her.

The end of her marriage didn’t sit her well as she was later admitted to a psychiatric ward after she fell deep into depression of seeing the love of her life, the father of her son with another woman. So many South African women related to Zethu’s character and felt like Imbewu was spot on with their story line.

Zethu later on escaped from the psychiatrist ward and planned to kill herself along with her baby boy in front of Nkululeko’s eyes, however she later changed her mind after giving Nkululeko the baby and decided to jump off the building alone.

Many know her as Zethu but her real name is Nonsindiso Gcaba. A South African actress popular for the role of Zethu Khanyile in Imbewu. Nonsindiso was born in the 27th of July 1991. At the age of 31 she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl. Her daughter is a striking similarity of the actress and the duo is pure mother-daughter goals.