Remember Ajax From Generations? Find Out What Happened To Him

Ajax From Generations

Ajax who’s real name is actually Sipho Ngwenya but is also called by his stage name, Psyfo is a South African actor and musician. He’s actually best known for playing the character of Ajax on Generations from the year 2006 to 2010. Generations at the time was one of South Africa’s biggest shows and it was the most watched show so many people simply know him as Ajax.

After Generations was cut off to say the very least many of the characters basically had nothing to fall back on and literally disappeared from the face of the earth. But a lot of people have been wondering what specifically happened to Ajax. Well he’s not on our south Africans screens anymore because he actually relocated. Ajax moved to Nigeria in Lagos and is now married to a Nigerian .It is safe to say him and his wife are goals. They are so beautiful. We also hope he comes back to our screens.