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Reasons Why Mzansi Calls For SABC To End Generations Immediately, Find Out More Inside

Reasons Why Mzansi Calls For SABC To End Generations Immediately, Find Out More Inside

Reasons Why Mzansi Calls For SABC To End Generations Immediately, Find Out More Inside

Generation The Legacy was one of the highest viewers soapie in Mzansi, It’s that time again whereby television shows get to know where they stand in terms of viewership. It’s not easy pleasing the South African audience as they have a lot options available to them in terms of soapie opera, drama series and telenovela. One TV show that has been on the spotlight recently is the SABC 1’s soapie Generations The Legacy as it continues losing viewers.

WATCH: Tuesday's Episode of Generations – The Legacy, E353 S29 (06 April 2021)

The numbers are not looking good, as it has been known as the most watched TV show over the years with more than 8 millions watching it every night. Although, this year the TV show started with with 6.97 million viewers and then peaked at 6.6 million in February. It has gotten worse though in March as it is believed to have dropped to 6.45 million. With that being said, Generations The Legacy is still Mzansi’s second most watched TV show, after Uzalo that continues cracking up higher numbers. Even though Uzalo does lose its viewership every now and then, however, they gain their numbers back. SABC has been reported to have declining numbers, except Uzalo. The top 20 programs on SABC 1 peaked below 3 million viewers.

Generations: The Legacy 29 - Eps 102 - YouTube

The Twitter community couldn’t believe that there’s still South Africans that watch Generations The Legacy. The tweeps felt that the soapie was cancelled by the public and needed SABC to cut it off and make way for new stories and talent. The views seems to point out that the storyline of the show has been disappointing for the past couple years now. Also, they pointed out that the show is constantly shot indoors, even if the scene is supposed to be outdoors. Other things that they felt was a problem with Generations The Legacy is that there’s isn’t much talent within the show.

Generations The Legacy 26 March 2021 Latest Episode - Soapie Teasers

Here are some comments taken from Twitter:

@__candy_y said, “They are still on 6 mil mos, I thought you’d say 2 mil. Generations and Uzalo must be canceled. They are now trash, no story one nothing.”

@TherealMJNcube said, “Time we put an end to permanent slots.”

@Bhuti_Wandile said, “Please me they gonna cancel it.”

@lulushezi said, “Honestly, Generations needs to be axed. Sikhathele. Whatever spell has on management needs to end now.”

@jam_the_coder said, “I’m actually shocked ther’s still millions of people still watching it.”

@MfundoNtoni_RSA said, “Generations the legacy is trash. Even those watching it bacause they have no other option. Haven’t eatched the soapie in years.”

@makuya_prince said, “It’s still 6 mil? Thought you’d say 500 which will be the crew, actors and their families and friends. We can’t be watching things that plays indoor… everything is indoor jooo aowa.”

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