Reasons Behind Simphiwe Ngema and Tino break up: “Tino is The Alleged Father of Zanande Mfenyana Daughter”

Simphiwe Ngema

No doubt Tino Chinyani is trending for the wrong reasons. The seasoned actor and model saw himself trending after Simz Ngema took it to Instagram to announce their breakup. We can all agree the two have been serving Mzansi with couples goals and they were good at it. Many questions have been asked about what could have been the reason behind their break-up

A few days ago the couple wowed Mzansi after they set the internet afire with their birthday pictures that flooded social media. It took only five days for the couple to call it quits. However, in the mix of things rumour has it that Tino is the alleged father of Zanande Mfeyana daughter. In the wake of this bold rumour, Mzansi is connecting the dots and the puzzle is too complicated to complete.

Was Tino in a clandestine affair with Zanande or it’s just a rumour. The Queen actress Zenande Mfenyana gave birth to her first child – a baby girl in 2020. She often shares her motherhood journey on Twitter and she recently had this to say: “My entire world in my arms daily, a blessing I don’t take for granted. I’m honoured to have been chosen by God to be my sweet angel’s Mama.”

However, the fizzy actress has always kept her private life under wraps and little is known about the baby daddy of her daughter. Well in the wake of these daring rumours she is yet to answer back to the rumours to clear the air.

However, it was recently reported that Simphiwe Ngema breaks up with Tino Chinyani just after a year. No doubt their love life had the socket. They served Mzansi with couples goals. Well, it seems as if it never rains but pours for Zimbabwean lover boy Tino Chinyani who was dumped by Simphiwe Ngema.

Chinyani has seen himself trending in the wake of his split with Ngema. Not so long ago his fellow countryman was dumped by Mbau in the eleventh hour whilst living large in Dubai.

A beautiful love story between TV personalities Simphiwe Ngema and Tino Chinayi has ended following an ‘entanglement’ after Ngema confirmed this on her Instagram account.

The break-up comes after Ngema recently celebrated her high-class 32nd birthday just five days ago. The relationship that the two TV personalities share has been overwhelmed by remarkable memories. Ngema came into a solid relationship with Chinyani last year in August, after spending almost three years without being in a relationship following the murder of her late husband Dumisani Masilela in 2017.