Rachel Exits Skeem Saam In Style… Check Out Her Last Moment

Rachel Exits Skeem Saam In Style… Check Out Her Last Moment

To those who missed Skeem Saam, our girl Rachel Kunutu exited in style and befitting grace, for such an enjoyable character like hers.

Earlier this week, the actress who played Rachel, Lesego Marakalla, announced that she would be leaving the show in order to go back to school , much to the fans dismay.

We all wondered how she was going to pull that off. The default trope for soapies, is they they kill off characters as a way of saying goodbye, or have them move over to a new city to start afresh.

Rachel took the latter, but she didn’t go quietly at all.

After securing her villainous husband, Marothi’s bag and making sure he was in jail, the last episode she resurfaces and is seen getting on a taxi to catch her flight.

Did we mention she gives camera the ‘bye biatches’ look as the taxi drives off into the sunset..

Lesego Marakalla took to Instagram to say farewell to the fans once again and relive her last scene.

She wrote

It’s been good, God has been good!Thank you all for your love and support.. the messages, ka le Bona. I really appreciate you guys


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