Quinton From Scandal and Trevor Noah Related?


Brighton And Trevor Noah Related?

People have been asking if Trevor Noah And Brighton Ngoma are related.. Brighton portrays the character of Quinton on scandal.Quinton has an uncanny resemblance to Trevor Noah and they have a lot in common, and they cannot be ignored but instead people wonder if they related.

Brighton and Trevor Noah has Swiss-Xhosa heritage. Both their fathers origin are of Swiss origin and both their mothers are Xhosa.Brighton’ parent met at a hospital where is father was a doctor and his mother was a nurse. Brighton says his father failed to take to take his responsibility and disappeared on them.

Trevor Noah’s parent met at an illegal apartment ranted for a foreigner. At that time Trevor’s father was overseeing the development of a Swiss oriented supermarket chain in the country and his mother was a secretary at multinational pharmaceutical.

When I was a kid my dad was involved in my life as any caring father would. However the harsh apartheid laws disrupted our relationship by separating us for lengthy period.Whenever I went to meet him, he would confine ourselves to secure places to avoid police detection.

Trevor would walk a few meters ahead of them on the other side of the road pretending not to know them to avoid harassment.Brighton had been called to play Trevor in the upcoming film about comedian’s life.

“We quite similar, apparently the jury is still out on that “date”. He said

Brighton stated that him and Trevor shared more than just a passing resemblance

Trevor and I almost have the exact same heritage. I have a Xhosa mom and a Swiss dad. He has a Xhosa Mom and Swiss dad. We had similar upbringing. I was brought up in Soweto and Hillbrow. It is uncanny and if it had to be a thing it would be very symbolic.