Qhabanga From Uzalo Says Goodbye in Emotional Post.


Siyabonga Shibe Out On Uzalo.

Siyabonga Shibe who portrayed the character of Qhabanga has filmed his last episode on Uzalo. The actor Siyabonga went to Instagram and poured his heart out.

Siyabonga Wrote:

“What a great journey it has been with #uzalo_sabc1 I enjoyed every moment of this production. I would love to first thank the Crew the entire u guys work tirelessly and passionately, on set it is always fun and laugher everyday and u put up with my good nonsense I honestly respect you I have made friends with you guys n met brothers n sisters.

To the Cast ohh my God I don’t know where to begin, u guys are amazing working with you all has been a gem a fantastic experience and a learning experience. It has been my honour to share a screen and wear those shoes of every character we play together. We really make the script come to life we’ll work again.

Directors we learned a lot from each other with this journey, I loved to be directed by u, I know can be an S sometimes by pushing untapped boundaries but it is all in the name of storytelling n u guys r patient with me I love you all keep on doing great and create the worlds, u r fantastic.

To the writers keep on pushing the boundaries, bring the world we live in forth, push the characters n stories that resonate our society n I thank you for the journey my character went through.

To the Management and Executives I would like to send my LOVE to you guys. You are special. You create much needed Employment, you are a God sent in this industry. You have made sure that your production and employees exceed expectations beyond measure. I respect you all n yes love you all.

Definitely working with you has been a blessing and the relationship we have shall continue beyond @uzalo_sabc1. There are big surprises in store. WATCH THE SPACE.

As for Qhabanga your journey continues, I have enjoyed playing this character. I say he is a chameleon he fits whatever situation he is in from a Detective to a smooth operator gangster, to a corrupt pastor to a legitimate Pastor, a father a husband to a…………. It has been my honor.

Am excited for the future and to go back to my family. They are awaiting for my arrival after a 4yr journey. I miss being at my house and do house chores taking care of my woman n son n rest for few days. N back at it after.

The future is bright. @uzalo_sabc1 I SHALL BE BACK”

There were allegations Tha Siyabonga Shibe Is leaving Uzalo after deferences with the producers but Siyabonga dismissed the rumours.
Siyabonga Shibe is now leaving on his own terms to focus on some other projects.
Siyabonga surely going to be on another production on TV, but we will miss him on Uzalo.