Prison Strippers 13 Officials to face suspension

Pictures of strippers ‘amusing’ prisoners

Prison Strippers

Social media is flooding with images of strippers dancing with inmates at Johannesburg Medium-B prison. Apparently the intention of the whole event was to rehabilitate the prisoners on Wednesday, as part of Youth month celebrations.  Who paid the Prison strippers ? User are over raged.

Acting NCS Commissioner James Smalberger addressed the media  and said that the intention was not to have to strippers in the facility. Apparently prison authorities  and the inmates were surprised when they saw women wearing almost nothing entered the facility . They didn’t expect to have so much fun.



Assurance was given by the public officials that no tax payers money was used to pay for the entertainment. The matter is still being investigated to fully comprehend who authorized this event.

People on social media were asking themselves if going to prison was more fun that staying out, because prisoners are given luxury in the prison of south Africa. Some felt that government has let them down many times that all this is now ordinary and very much expected from public officials.

What is your take on Prison Strippers who call themselves dancers ?


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