Prince Kaybee’s take on rumours of sleeping with Coffee’s ex wife

Prince Kaybee and Black Coffee

Prince Kaybee’s take on the rumour that he hooked up with Black Coffee’s Ex Wife Enhle Mbali

A Twitter user posted that the genuine reason behind Prince Kaybee’s beef with Black Coffee on Twitter streets is that Prince Kaybee hooked up with Enhle Mbali who is Black Coffee’s Ex wife.

The deleted tweet reads

“The reason why Prince Kaybee and Black Coffee are always fighting

is because Prince Kaybee allegedly slept with Enhle ,but that’s a story for another day.”

Prince Kaybee saw the tweet and replied back to the tweet saying


So now Prince Kaybee and Black Coffee are always fighting on Twitter streets, mostly due to being competitors and being in the same profession. One of their famous tweet was when Black Coffee defended Dj Euphonik (his friend) over a debate on buying properties during the Lockdown.

Prince Kaybee then dropped a tweet thinking he was shading Dj Euphonik and Black Coffee saying

“The problem is that celebrities fall for the same trap all the time,” the urge to sound wise” you watch a few YouTube videos you wanna sound intelligent, carry on you will meet your maker”.

Black Coffee then hit back at him asking if he’s a celebrity. Here’s a question without the “urge of sounding intelligent”…….Are you a celebrity”?


They also had another Tweet where  Black Coffee comparing stat with Dj Prince Kaybee in another debate on who was the best between them. Prince Kaybee is currently in a relationship with actress Zolo Mhlongo and he’s quite serious about her.