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Prince Kaybee – Gugulethu

Prince Kaybee – Gugulethu is out with his new album Re Mmino. In the making of Gugulethu, Prince Kaybee feautures Indlovukazi, Supta & Afro Brothers. Together they have cooked a very stunning hit with energy and emotions coupled with a little Afro feel.

Prince Kaybee – Gugulethu Feel and Mood

The song is embracing the pride of people who live in township comparison to those living in the city. They say life in the township is not the same as living in the cities. Overall Prince Kaybee – Gugulethu will remain a club favorite song in 2019.Prince Kaybee - Re Mmino Album

The song begins with a sad piano intro and a strong powerful beat or instrumental. Gugulethu by Prince Kaybee combines the feeling of happiness and Sadness in one place, which results in a powerfully emotional song. In the song, you can feel the elements brought by Supta & Afro Brotherz popping out with African drums effects.

Once again Prince Kaybee has successfully secured a powerful merge in collaboration. His skill to spot talent from a distance is impeccable,

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