Prince Kaybee Biography, Age, real name, date of birth, place of birth, education, career, Net-worth.

Kabelo Motsamai is professionally known by his stage name Prince Kaybee.Prince Kaybee is a producer and a dj who has released bust songs Yonkinto, Wajellwa and Charlotte. He was born on the 15th June 1989.

Prince Kaybee Biography profile summary

Real Name            : Kabelo Motsamai
Gender                 :Male
Date of birth        :15 June 1989
Place of birth        :Senekal
Education             :dropped out of school in grade11
Age                       :31 years old
Ethnicity                :Black
Nationality            :South African
Occupation           :Deejay
Label                     :Universal Music
Instagram              : @kabillion@princekaybee
Net-worth             :$1 million

Prince Kaybee date of birth

Prince Kaybee was born on the 15th June 1989. He’s 31 years old turning 32 years of old on the 15th June this year.

Prince Kaybee education

Prince Kaybee dropped out of school in grade 11

Prince Kaybee Cars.

Prince Kaybee was seen driving a C63 Mercedes Benz, A VW Golf Vi, BM X6 and he has other two Mercedes Benz. He spruced his car with colorful Rims.

Prince Kaybee personal life

Prince Kaybee was born on the 15 June 1989 with 36 siblings with him as the youngest one in the family. His father is now a deceased. Prince Kaybee is the only one born of her mother.

The situation was a result of family politics that wanted him and his effort to know more about his siblings and even meet them face on. This was at that stage were his father past on and they had to call all them to the alter at the same time. He after lived with his mother only because others were staying with their family at their different homes.

Prince Kaybee relationship

Prince Kaybee Started dating at his high school days. He dropped out of school in grade 11 and got a gir pregnant.

Princee Kaybee career

Prince Kaybee dropped school in grade 11. He was once in the streets of Bloemfontein with no food and shelter. The situation made him man up. He Started moving on the street of Bloemfontein searching for jobs and he finally found one at the nigerian owned club as a deejay.

He then started making enough cash to pay rent and buy himself food. He later with the money from the club buy him a laptop the used it to practice for producing and deejaing then signed a competition on SABC one in 2013.
Here are some of prince’s Kaybee’s songs

1 Angiyifuni Indoda
2Baby Please
3 Better days
4 Kao rata
6Story Teller
7 Yonkinto
8 Banomoya
9 Beautiful girls
10 Beautiful love
12 Charlotte
13 Club Controller
14 Don’t give up
15 Friend Zone

Prince Kaybee net-worth

It is estimated that Prince Kaybee’s Net-worth is $1million

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