Pictures: Remember Simphiwe Moroka (Asanda Foji) From Generations? Look What She Is Doing Now

Simphiwe Moroka

Asanda Foji has revealed she almost lost her husband when he was in the hospital fighting for his life. The former Generations: The Legacy actress took to Instagram on Monday to reflect on her husband’s recovery journey, saying though she preferred to maintain a private life, his near-death experience two months ago made her want to celebrate him more openly.

“I always try hard to keep my personal life (my husband and children) away from social media so it remains private but almost losing you my soul mate two months ago made me realise I need to have more appreciation posts for you,” she wrote.

The actress went on to express her appreciation for him being afforded a second chance at life, saying she would’ve been heartbroken had he died, without revealing the reason he had been hospitalised.

“God said it wasn’t your time and I cannot begin to thank Him for this second chance to continue living He has given you because a lot of people have lost loved ones and our family was so fortunate for your recovery. I’m so so so so blessed beyond imagination that I can still touch, hold and kiss you myeni wam (my husband) because I would have died with you had you left us!”

Asanda shared a moment she had with her husband where he spoke heartfelt words to her after his long battle with his health.

“Thank you Mthembu wam for fighting through pipes to be with me again, The first thing you said when you woke up was ‘I was fighting to come back and praying to God that I see you again, I knew I would see you again my love’, so thank you sthandwa sam (my love). I’m beyond grateful to God. You are a blessing much more than you would ever know and I’ll continue to show you how much I love you every day my king.”