Pictures: King Monada Shows Off His Newly Constructed Double Storey House

King Monada

Limpopo based musician King Monada has shaken social media with a picture of the house he is about to finish building. The house is painted in cream, with a grey-black roof and looks to be sitting in a quiet neighbourhood.

King Monada chose the trendy aluminium windows with reflective mirrors. The mansion’s location is yet to be known, but most of his followers who commented on his posts believe the house was constructed in his home province. He took to social media to remind his followers that they have to be strong enough to walk away from what is hurting them and wait for the blessings they deserve.

King Monada recently had one of his cars repossessed after failing to service the loan. As the news swept across social media, a rumour was that the artist was broke and struggling to service his loans. The house will come as a redemption for the Ghanama singer as his confidence will be restored

Limpopo based artists are winning in many ways, from creating good music, international shows and building houses. Three of the most noticeable artists from the province have all bought or built homes.

Jerusalema hitmaker Master KG posted a picture of his house last year, sending shock waves on social media. The artist scored big as his hit song was played worldwide, turning him into an international artist. High paying world tours followed and collaborations with top artists such as Akon and David Guetta


Makhadzi also built her mother a house after building a home for her mother, granny and dad. The Matorokisi singer comes from a poor family and she said she made sure her loved ones lived comfortable lives before her.