Pear Thusi Criticized For Not Wearing A Bra In Public


At this day and age, it is really sad to see that there are still people who think they should have opinions on people’s bodies, how people should look like, how they should dress and all those unnecessary protections. It is even sicker when it is done by men on women because in most cases it is men who feel that they have opinion over woman.

Pearl Thusi posted very beautiful pictures of herself on Instagram. Her fans were really loving the content because they fuel were really amazing and she got so much likes. But if you know Pearl or you have been following her you should know that this is nothing new, she is always serving fire content and we are definitely here for it.

Of all the beautiful comments she received, Sizwe Dhlomo just had to jump in and he asked a very unnecessary question. He publicly asked Pearl one the comments why is she not wearing a bra. Of all things he could have asked he asked about a bra and Pearl just replied with emojis because she is a Queen like that