Nkunzi’s Life Is In Danger As Thulane Comes Back From The Dead

Nkunzi’s Life Is In Danger As Thulane Comes Back From The Dead

There are rumors making rounds that Thulane and his brother Godfather may come back from the dead and bring about Nkunzi’s computation. This is possible because the Khanyile brothers were buried alive by Nkunzi after being shot, note that it was not revealed to us if they are really really dead

However, Lilly’s actions are questionable lately, inspiring many to believe that she might be hiding a big secret. Lilly has been getting strange phone calls and many are curious to know who is behind the calls. The general theory is that a new player is about to arrive in KwaMashu.

Fans are guessing that Thulane might have survived that bullet because Lilly went to the burial site, where the brothers were replete by Nkunzi.

It is possible that Lilly dug up the site but we did not see anything to confirm her findings. Lilly has also been acting weird around Mondli each time he enquires about the Khanyile boys’ deaths. It would be a wild turn if Lilly knew that Thulane survived and she brings him back.

There have been rumors that some characters are set to return to Uzalo, these include GC, Mumsy, Mastermind, and the Khanyile Brothers. The actors who played the Khanyile Brothers, Thulani Shange, and Sizwe Khumbuza left the show shortly, following rumors that they had been fired for demanding a pay rise.

However, an Uzalo publicist confirmed that the two’s storyline had just come to a final end. Maybe they have decided to bring the brothers back again since the viewers were so disappointed by their departure. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet on when and if the return will happen, but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

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