Nasty C Biography, Age, real name, date of birth, place of birth, education, career, Net-worth.


Nasty C is south Africans Hip Pop artist. He is born on the 11 February 1997.He’s 23 years of age turning 24 on the 11 February 1997. He is born in Durban KwaZulu-Natal.

Nasty C biography profile summary

Real Name                  : Nsikayesiswe David Ngcobo
Gender                       : Male
Place of birth             :Durban
Education                   :Strelitzia, Durban high school
Age                             :23 years old
Ethnicity                     :Black
Nationality                 :South African
Occupation                :Song writer, rapper
Label                          :Tall Racks records, Redbull music group.
Instagram                  : Def Jam recordings
Net-worth                 :R3.6 million

Nasty C date of birth

Nasty was born on the 11 February 1997. He’s 23 years old turn 24 years of old this year on the 11 February 2021. He’s from Durban, South Africa

Nasty C education

Nasty C attended his school at Strelitzia secondary school and completed his grade 12at Durban High School in 2014. Nasty C was busy with his career whist he was still at school.

Nasty C went to an interview at MTV Base African and he mentioned that balancing school and Rap wasn’t easy. He said he focused more on his music more than school work.

Nasty C personal life

Nasty C’s mother passed whe he was 11 years old and he had paid tribute to his mother in his music. His UOK was dedicated to her. The music video for the song opens with her mother’s picture

Nasty C relationship

Nasty C has been dating her girlfriend since their high school days. He even rapped about her in some of his songs including Mrs Me

Nasty C career

Nasty C started rapping at the age of 9 nine years old. He has been influenced by his brother who was a producer by then. Nasty C evantually mastered the process and started producing his on music.

Nasty C got signed to a Durban based artist company. Free world music. He didn’t do much introduction. He has proven himself as a frontrunner and game changer on the continent his hard work effortless lyrical and multiple hit singles makes him one to watch again in 2017.

In 2007 Nasty C scooped awards for song of the year, best male album, best New artist and best freshman award at South African hip pop awards. Here are some of Nasty C’s songs

1 Bookoo Bucks
3 Sma
4 There they go
5Zulu man
6They don’t
7 All in
8 Steve Biko
9 Palm trees
10 Hell naw
11 Juice Back
12 Uok
13 Gravy
14 God flow
15Mrs me

Nasty C net-worth

It is estimated that Nast C’s net worth is R3.6 million