Muvhango: What Suzan Did To Azwindini Was Unusual, wWill Azwindini Recover From This?


There are always those scenes on Television soapies, telenovelas, and dramas that will have you saying “wow! that actress/actor deserves a million Rands for solely those particular scenes” Well, it was the case in the soap opera aired on SABC 2 weekdays called Muvhango. It was a pure height of a bittersweet moment!

Suzan who plays on the show as the wife of the Chief of Thathe, Azwindini is shattered after learning that his husband is having an affair outside of their relationship which has been so long, that it has worn all sorts of storms in recent years. Suzan, through the housemaid, gets to know that the same side chick is gallivanting with yet another man. Knowing women and considering her current posture with her husband, that is music to her soul!

What does she do? You guessed right! She goes to her husband who by the way is on the sick bed stricken by stroke and tells him that the whole of Thathe is laughing at him whilst she ensues that sad news with a loud, ‘I told you so’ laughs! She also reminds her husband that he’s an old, retired vehicle who shouldn’t be running with Slay Queens because he’ll get hurt!