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Nomuzi is a South African rapper and television presenter professionally known by her stage name Moozlie. She’s born in Benoni. Gauteng She’s 27 years of age turning 28 years of age on the 22nd of September this year

Biography profile summary

Real Name             : Nomuzi Mabena
Gender                   : Female
Date of birth          :22 September 1992
Place of birth         :Benoni Gauteng / The IIE’s college
Education              :St Dunstans college
Age                        :28 years of age
Ethnicity                 :Black
Nationality             :South African
Occupation            :TV Presenter, rapper
Label                       :Cash time (former) NomusiMabenaMusic
Instagram               : Moozlie@moozlie
Net-worth              :$1 million-$5 million

Momuzi Mabena a date of birth

Momuzi was born on the 22 September 1992 in Benoni Gauteng. She’s 28 years turning 29 on the 22 of September 2021.

Moozlie education

Moozlie attended her high school days in St Dunstans College and she remained in the same school until she finished her grade 12. After her grade 12 Moozlie studied for a Bachelor of art in communication sciences,but she didn’t finish her course because she was selected by MTV base VJ search in 2012

Moozlie relationship

Moozlie found true love with the person she works with by the name of Sbuda Roc. It was seen in 2018 her picture with Sbuda and it was Cody’s nap. It clearly showed that Moozlie was loving it.

Moozlie career

Moozlie started her television career in 2012 when she was selected at the MTV base VJ search. She worked for MTV base for four years while she was busy launching her music career. She later left MTV base to go work at Vuzi channel O.

She was rated one of the best new television presenters for Vuzi show and V entertainment the same year. Vuzi was re-branded as 1magic and the show was still broadcasting the same but had more local approach and it was 2017.

In 2018 moozlie worked alongside South Africa ‘s media Somgaga commonly known by Somizi Mhlongo.

1 Ang’ zanga
2Fouways free style
3 Lalala
4 Sfunukwazi
5 I’m a star
6Moozlie recipe
7 keep fighting outro
8 Vatel
9 Dangerous
10 Boom Bap intro
12 getting cash
13 Legit
14 Be somebody

Moozlie net-worth
It is estimated that moozlie ‘s net worth is $1 million-$5million.

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