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Meet Seven New Characters on Scandal


The Kubekas family members made their first appearance 3rd September 2021 in e. tv’s Scandal! Their debut was enough reason to prop yourself for intense drama in the show. Dintle is one of the Scandal! cast members who will directly be involved with them. As is, the drama will be juicy.

But first, who are the Kubekas and what is their relevance in the show’s plot? Who are the Kubekas?

The new Scandal actors in 2021 are going to take the show by storm! As the show’s plot takes an unforeseen route, you ought to brace yourself for an exciting experience. Meanwhile, how about familiarizing yourself with the Kubekas and what their roles will be?

The legendary and vivacious Fana Mokoena features as Vukile Kubeka

Fana Mokoena is a former member of the National Assembly of South Africa famous for his role as Dr Mandla Sithole in Generations and Govan Mbeki in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Fana is also a cast member in The Lab and Yizo Yizo. In e.tv’s Scandal! Vukile Kubeka is loved by many because of his interesting sense of humour, although he uses it to hide his dark past. He is passionate about re-writing his history by creating generational wealth through his waste business. Nomvula, Vukile’s wife, is aware of her husband’s ambition and supports him in ensuring the family is closely knit.

Nomvula Kubeka

The vibrant Slindile Nodangala joins Scandal! as Nomvula Kubeka. Slindile is famous for her role as Ruby Dikobe, Sompisi’s daughter, in Generations. Nodangala used to feature on Rhythm City as Blossom Khuze.

Yasemin’s dinner party turns into a problem Nomvula is a supportive wife and a strategic person in the family’s business. Her husband considers her as the ‘fixer’. Nomvula will use cunning and manipulative strategies to get her way through any situation. In public, she wears a portico and is not ashamed of getting her hands dirty. However, at home, she is a submissive wife to her husband. The Kubekas have three children, and each one of them has a distinct personality.

Jojo Kubeka

Melusi Mbele features as Jojo Kubeka. Melusi boasts of a wealth of experience in the South African entertainment industry. He brings his multi-faceted personality from Saints and Sinners, Isibaya and Rhythm City, to Scandal! Jojo is one of the three Kubekas children. Unlike his people and siblings, he is an honest man who would not let anyone’s opinion of him upset him from his goal. He is part of the family goal; to ensure the family business thrives. Despite his calm and collected personality, Jojo’s wife, Mbali, is his contrast.

Mbali aka Lady M

The award-winning Nolwazi Ngubeni features as Mbali, although most of her friends refer to her as Lady M. Nolwazi is no new face on the screen. She featured in Mtunzini.com, Zabalaza, A Place Called Home, to mention a few. Lady M is a go-getter who sometimes gets into trouble. She hails from an arrogant family, which does not approve of her marriage to Jojo. Her problematic character is a pain to her husband.

Dudu Kubeka

The gorgeous Sihle Ndaba portrays the role of Dudu Kubeka in Scandal! Sihle has featured in The Herd, Uzalo and Gomora, and her ability to portray different personalities is to die for. Best believe Sihle is also a singer. Dudu is Jojo’s sister and Kubekas only daughter. She is a twenty-six-year-old business management graduate whose skills are instrumental in the family business. She gets so consumed by work that she often sacrifices her freedom to chase the dream.

Apart from her tenacity and zeal, Dudu believes she is the best person to run the family business.

Zenzele Kubeka

Robert is a celebrity actor famous for featuring in SABC1’s Soul City. He has spent half of his life acting, and some of his admirable roles are in Gomora, The Queen and Mfolozi Street. Zenzele Kubeka is the youngest of the Kubeka children. He is born with a silver spoon in his mouth and knows nothing else other than “soft life”. Zenzele goes to the best private school, and because he has never seen the other side of life, he is not ashamed to take risks. Zenzele is also part of the family business. He is in charge of trucks, although he barely pays attention to the job. He is more consumed with life and women and has a new lady every day.


Wendy Gumede is the new addition to Scandal! She features as Rachel. Wendy is famous for her roles in How to Ruin Christmas and Isibaya. Rachel is not related to the Kubekas by blood but by association. She is the blight of Vukile Kubeka’s existence since she is Vukile’s concubine.

Interestingly, Rachel works at the family business as a cashier. Unlike Nomvula, Rachel is endearing and friendly and easy to fall in love with. She is also younger; hereafter, Vukile finds it difficult to resist her. The debut of the Kubekas family members is the secret ingredient that the show needed. As you anticipate their entrance to the show, you should check out current episodes.