Meet A Royal AM Baby For Andile And Tamia Mpisane

Meet A Royal AM Baby For Andile And Tamia Mpisane

Meet A Royal AM Baby For Andile And Tamia Mpisane

Andile and Tamia Mpisane are famous for hogging headlines as they are always in the spotlight. Their marriage and engagement were something that caught Mzansi off guard as Andile was believed to be dating Sithelo, his baby mama. However, the two have managed to become one of the most famous power couples in the country.

Baby Miaandy

A post shared by Shauwn Mkhize, who is Andile’s mother, happened a few minutes after midnight this Sunday. The nation woke up to the news that the two have finally welcomed their baby into the world. Their child is a girl, and the family has named her Miaandy. Tamia is still recovering from the delivery, but it was safe.

When the news was shared on Twitter, people asked what the name meant as it is a unique one. It turned out that the parents wanted a unique name for their child and turned to name blending. They took Mia in Tamia’s name and Andy, Andile’s nickname and came out with Miaandy.

Their daughter is Tamia’s first child but Andie’s third one as he has two already with Sithelo Shozi. Shauwn Mkhize can not help but be happy as she is getting one more grandchild. Andile Mpisane has shared his stories about his mother’s post and is an excited father welcoming his daughter to the world. Tamia has yet to share something on her Instagram, but she is still recovering in hospital.

Tamia and Andile Mpisane

Many celebrities and fans have taken to Shauwn Mkhize’s post to congratulate them. Tha Simelane, who is Shauwn’s closest friend, said he was coming over to show his support. Others like Pearl Thusi and Cashflow Ngcobo showed their support through congratulatory comments.