Master KG Net Worth 2020 : Top 5 Most Expensive Things He Owns Revealed


Master KG Net Worth 2020: Top 4 Most Expensive Things He Owns Revealed.

Master KG Net Worth 2020 can be calculated by the property he owns. Most people, if not everyone is always keen on sharing their achievements, even more, when they reach unimagined heights of success after being born without a silver spoon.

The Jerusalem hit-maker, Master Kg, has recently been flaunting his success and has been sharing the good news with his fans, thanking them for the support and crediting them for his blossoming music career.

ilearnhow has compiled a list of things that the award-winning Dj has been publicly celebrating.

A few months ago the Jerusalem hitmaker bought himself a double-story house and took to Facebook to share the news. He said it had always been his dream to own a mansion.

The imposing mansion is located in Midrand, Gauteng. Master KG made the announcement on social media after his song Skeleton Move reached 20 million viewers on YouTube.

People seem to be interested to know about who master kg is and his biography. Moreso, they keep searching about Master KG Net Worth in 2020.

Master KG, whose real name is Kgaugelo Moagi (23), told Daily Sun why he had taken to social media to make the announcement.

‘I decided to share the news with my fans because they showed me support through thick and thin. They even supported me when I won the SABC Summer Song of the Year competition in January,’ he said.


The talented musician who comes from a humble background also added that he was very proud of himself since he was having a hard time when it comes to securing accommodation and renting.

Master KG was raised in  Limpopo village. Master KG Net Worth  Keeps increasing in 2020 and that is due to his brand reaching the international countries.

‘I have been living in villages and it was my wish and dream to own such a big house.

‘I live alone right now, but I look forward to living with family members soon.’

The prominent musician has not revealed the real value of his property but ilearnhow has estimated the value to $135830.07 (R2.5 million) considering factors like location and its size in general.

Master KG House Estimated Value $135830.07 (R2.5 million)

Master Kg Net-Worth

The man of the moment went on to share a picture of his Audi A6 Avant only a few days ago with an estimated value of $59 985 (R889 618.94) according to findings from Google.

Master KG Car Audi A7 Valued at $59 985 (R889 618.94)

Master KG Cars Audi A7
Master KG Cars Audi A7

Master KG Net Worth 2020 seems to be swelling even more. A few weeks before his birthday, the talented musician took it to Instagram to celebrate the new Golf 7 he had purchased for himself as a birthday present which is worth $32 985 (R 600 000)

Master KG Car : Golf 7 R Valued at $32 985 (R 600 000)

Master KG Cars Golf R

‘Early birthday Present To My Self❤️❤️ Im Back At Vw Group LoL’

The Jerusalem hitmaker also owns the white German machine below

Master KG Car: Mercedes Benz A45 Valued at  $60,500 (R1113523.67)

ilearnhow has however concluded that the white Mercedes could be his favorite among his fleet of luxury cars judging from the frequency of how he flaunts the luxury vehicle on his social media accounts.

Estimated Master KG Networth in 2020 is around  $277 093.35( R5 100 000)

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