Skeem Saam Maputla’s Family In Big Trouble, See What Will Happen

Skeem Saam

Maputla’s family are in a serious trouble because they can’t stop to mess with Matloga’s , remember Leeto made a divorce party after separation with Mokgadi ,and on top of that he was the one who convinced Noah to go to jail to pay for his sins, Noah realised that he was the reason why his mother’s marriage does not work that is why he decided to take Leeto’s advice.

So now Noah realised that he made a huge mistake to listen to Leeto, but it is too late because he already in a jail, Marry is very upset because of what Maputla’s did to her family, Now she is sending bra Zakes to deal with them ,and Bra Zakes is fed up too because they made prison to take Noah to another prison.

Bra Zakes will go to Maputla’s and try to attack them, because of what they did to Noah, John Maputla know that his family is in the mess because of Leeto, but Leeto keeps blaming his father for everything so John has nothing to do,he does not want to buy a Gun because he knows how dangerous could be.