Man Dies After Being Hit By An Airplane!

Man Dies After Being Hit By An Airplane

  • Apparently, a 27-Year-old man was hit by an airplane wing around Mpumalanga, Mbombela, Graskop on Monday morning.
  • Allegedly he should and warned his colleagues before he was hit by the wind of a light plane.
    His family is still to notified before his name could be disclosed.
  • According to the report given by his colleagues, they have worked with the deceased at a Graskop based construction. Moreover,
    they were on their way to work and walking on the airplane route or runway.


He was the first to spot the airplane then he began shouting to warn his colleagues when he saw the airplane landing.
it is assumed that the victim was convinced to be out of the way when he was struck by the wing.

This case is being thoroughly investigated by the authorities.

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