Home Entertainment Makhadzi Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Car, Rape, Career, Cars,Net worth,New Album 2020

Makhadzi Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Car, Rape, Career, Cars,Net worth,New Album 2020

Makhadzi Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Car, Rape, Career, Cars,Net worth,New Album 2020

Makhadzi Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Car, Rape, Career, Life Before Fame

Makhadzi Muimbi whose’s real name is Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona is obviously taking on the music world by storm.  Makhadzi has proven to be a true dancer and singer. Her abilities to effortlessly pick up energies in any space prove that the Music And Entertainment is truly her Calling.

Makhadzi is an iconic South African star who is passionate about her style in music. The energy and hype that her hits create are worth dying for. Her hard work and passion are written all over her facade, and for the past couple of years, she has blessed her fans with killer hits. Her biography shows her journey in music.

Makhadzi Age

Makhadzi was born on the 30th of June 1996, the place of birth is in Ha-Mashamba, Vhembe District in Limpopo. Makhadzi is 24 years old as of 2020.

She is the eldest child in her family. She spent the better part of her life under the care of her mother as her parents separated when she was young.

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Makhadzi Boyfriend

Makhadzi Boyfriend

Early this year 2020, Master KG the Hitmaker of Jerusalem announced on social media Confirming his relationship with Makhadzi, The couple has managed to keep their relationship under the wraps for almost three years before they decided to make their relationship public.

Unfortunately, it ended in tears for the couple, The couple confirmed their split last week  24 august 2020.

“Me and Makhadzi parted ways months ago … to focus on our careers. We are still young and we still need to achieve big things. (We) hope everyone understands and respects that. I am no longer going to answer anything related to this. Thanks,” Master KG said.

Makhadzi commented on the Facebook post verifying Master KG’s words.

“Indeed it is true, it has come to an end, our relationship. Kindly respect our decisions,” she said before going on to promote her upcoming album.

They had matching rides for a while and when Twitter tried to come for Makhadzi without make-up, Master KG defended her.

Some said they hoped the pair would link up again at a later stage, while others accused Master KG of dropping Makhadzi because he’s global now.

However, many others wished them luck in their individual endeavors.

Makhadzi Career

Makhadzi finished her matric at Mukula Integrated school and furthered her academic career in higher institutions.

At the moment Makhadzi is currently studying drama in higher institutions. She qualifies in Public Relations.

She debut on television in 2018, this was after Makhadzi received an invitation from YO TV and also got interviews with many radio stations in the country

Makhadzi music career started off in 2010 as a street dancer in a musical group named Makirikiri and with time she ventured into singing. As she was recording her music one time, a studio owner spotted her talent and gave her the platform to grow her music in his studio.

In 2012, Makhadzi Muimbi released Zwigevhenga which became a hit song and she has six recorded albums as of 2020. Muvhango was released in 2012, Ndo Tshiyani (2013), Litshani U Tsala Murahu (2014), Muhwalo Uya Ndemela (2015) Yo Shoma (2016), Shumela Venda (2017).

“Matorokisi” was recorded in 2019 which became a hit song and it still is on everyone’s playlist.

Makhadzi Rape

A few days ago Makhadzi revealed that she was sexually abused. Makhadzi dropped the details during an interview on MacG’s podcast. Makhadzi revealed that both her manager and her manager’s partner abused her during the time she was with them

She said she didn’t speak about the abuse because she thought her music career might go down before it even begun. Her manager also stayed with the man who was supporting her at the time.  She said the man took advantage of her love for music and raped her, breaking her virginity.

She said she used to go with her manager and this man as well to shows and public events.

Makhadzi car

Makhadzi car


Makhadzi owns a Kia Picanto, a Maserati, an Audi A1 which in January 2019 was involved in a fatal accident and was affirmed “uneconomical to repair”.

Recently Makhadzi have bought herself a brand new car again.

She took a picture standing next to a new luxurious Maserati.

In the picture, Makhadzi stands in front of the brand new car which is reported to cost over 2,6million rands.

Makhadzi who hails from South Africa’s Limpopo province became the talk of the Town after her impressive performance at the DSTv Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards last week.

The 23year old songstress also owns a luxurious Mercedes Benz A-Class.


Makhadzi Networth

To date, Makhadzi is not yet public and therefore her net worth has been evaluated to amount to USD $600 000. This value is derived from her performances on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube to mention a few, her sales and musical collection, show bookings, properties, and endorsements.

Despite her appealing net worth, Makhadzi Muimbi took to social media in a lengthy Facebook post detailing her struggle to get paid by her management,”…….now am in pain and I have no one to talk to. I am just crying alone because they switch off their phones they don’t wanna update me y am not receiving my money…..” She also pleaded with her manager Rita Nephawe to pay her as she was getting depressed by the ill-treatment.

Makhadzi New Album 2020