List Of Gold Mines In South Africa

List Of Gold Mines In South Africa

South Africa is one of the countries making a lot of money via mining. The mining sector keeps contributing greatly to the country’s economy, and it is common knowledge that South Africa is blessed with important minerals and metals like diamonds, coal, coal, platinum, and so on. Nevertheless, in this article, we are more concerned with Gold.

There is a lot of gold in South Africa no doubt. In fact, according to reports about half of the gold in the world is located in South Africa. This should point to the fact that the country will have some of the biggest gold mines you can find anywhere.

Gold is an important mineral, and it’s one of the things that made South Africa an important country too. It is a valuable metal worldwide, and mining activities in a country like South Africa is worth a fortune. The gold mining sector has employed a lot of people, and there are several of these mines in different parts of the country.

List Of Gold Mines In South Africa

·         South Deep Gold Mine

The South Deep Gold Mine is actually situated in Witwatersrand Basin 45 kilometers southwest of Johannesburg and has a reputation for being the second-largest Gold mine in the whole world (it can boast of having around 39.1Moz of gold reserves).

It is one of the oldest mines in the country, and it used to be known as Western Areas Gold Mine before it became South Deep Gold Mine in 2000. Additionally, it is known as one of the deepest mines in the world. There is a great amount of gold in the mine, and it was made known that mining activities could continue there till 2092.

Address: Old Vereeniging Road, Westonaria, 1780, SA

·         Mponeng Gold Mine

Mponeng Gold Mine is in Carletonville, owned and run by AngloGold, and it is actually one of the largest gold mines in the world (regarded as the tenth-largest). It was made known that the mine has around 13.81Moz of the gold reserve, and it has the reputation of being the deepest mine in the world.

Its managers are one of the prominent groups in the world when it comes to the production of gold

Address: 955 Park Avenue, West Wits, Carletonville, 2499, SA

·         Savuka Gold Mine

Here is another popular gold mine in South Africa whose depths reach close to 4km (which made it the third deepest of its kind in the whole world). Located in Gauteng, the Mine is also owned and managed by AngloGold Ashanti.

Address: South, Randfontein, 1764, SA

·         Blyvoor Gold Mine

Owned and managed by DRDGOLD, Blyvoor Gold Mine was founded in 1937 (although it started operations in 1942) and is situated in the Witwatersrand Basin, 70 kilometers from Johannesburg.

Location: Carletonville, 2499, SA

·         TauTona Mine

TauTona Mine is one of the deepest gold mines in the world and is one of the oldest in South Africa (mining operations started there as far back as in 1962). The Mine’s depths close to 4 kilometers, and it is also owned and managed by the popular AngloGold Ashanti.

Address: Carletonville, 2500, SA

·         Kusasalethu Mine

Kusasalethu Mine is managed by Harmony Gold Mining company and used to be known as Elandskraal Gold Mine. It was founded as far back as in 1978 and remains a prominent gold mine in South Africa

Address: Elandsrand Dr, Carletonville, 2500, SA

·         East Driefontein Mine

East Driefontein Mine started operations in 1952 and is owned by Sibanye-Stillwater. This is obviously a prominent gold mine in South Africa with a reputation of being one of the deepest mines in the world (it has a depth of 3.24 kilometers).

Few years back, East Driefontein Mine produced 9.57Moz of gold.

Address: Carletonville, 2499, SA

·         Barberton Gold CC

Barberton Gold CC is another center for gold in South Africa, located in Barberton

Address: 25 Taylor St, Barberton, 1300, SA

·         Agnes Gold Mine

Also in Barberton is Agnes Gold Mine – another important gold mine in South Africa.

Address: Agnes Gold Mine, Barberton, 1300, SA

·         Transvaal Gold Mining Estates (Pty)

Here is another South African gold Mine that has also employed a lot of people.

Location: Sabie, 1290 SA

·         Lydenberg Gold Field

Lydenberg Gold Field might not be as famous as the likes of Mponeng Gold Mine and Savuka Gold Mine, but it is also one of the gold mines in the country.

Location: Lydenburg, 1120, SA

·         Energy Management Sibanya Gold

Energy Management Sibanya Gold is one of the South African gold mines in South Africa.

Location: R501, Carletonville, 2499, SA

·         Asanko Gold

Located in Sandton, South Africa, Asanko Gold is another known gold mine in the country.

Location: 1st Floor, Pebble Beach, Fourways Golf Park,, Roos St, Fourways, Sandton, 2055, SA

·         Blyvooruitzicht

Blyvooruitzicht is another South African gold mine in Carletonville.

Location: Medical Station 5, Gold Mineshaft, Blyvooruitsig, Carletonville, 2499, SA

·         Shiva Uranium and Gold

Shiva Uranium and Gold is also a gold mine that is in South Africa, and it is located in Hartbeesfontein

Location: 1 A BERG STREET, Hartbeesfontein, 2600, SA

·         Evander Gold Mine

Finally on this list is Evander Gold Mine.

Location: Evander, 2280, SA

It is necessary to add that the list of gold mines in South Africa is a pretty large and huge one because there are tons of other smaller mines in different places in the country that were not featured on the list. As stated before, there are different gold mines in different places in South Africa, since the country is blessed with the mineral. So, there are also some small players in the gold mining industry in South Africa, contributing in one way or another to the country’s economy.

Mining activities have a long history in South Africa. Several years before now, some groups have been mining resources – but some of these mines were abandoned at one point or another. However, the discovery of gold led to the birth of more mines in South Africa, and so, today, we discovered that there are more gold mines in the country than others. Here are the Gold mines in South Africa:

Listing The Gold mines in South Africa without the details

  • South Deep Gold Mine
  • Mponeng Gold Mine
  • Savuka Gold Mine
  • Blyvoor Gold Mine
  • TauTona Mine
  • Kusasalethu Mine
  • East Driefontein Mine
  • Barberton Gold CC
  • Agnes Gold Mine
  • Transvaal Gold Mining Estates (Pty)
  • Lydenberg Gold Field
  • Energy Management Sibanya Gold
  • Asanko Gold
  • Blyvooruitzicht
  • Shiva Uranium and Gold
  • Evander Gold Mine

In conclusion, you should have noticed that some firms own and manage more than one Gold mine in South Africa, as it is a quite lucrative venture. Additionally, Gold mining is important in the country, as the industry is a major pillar of the economy. Gold is doing well in the global market, and there are buyers always willing to plop huge cash to get luxurious gold products for different reasons. Therefore, as expected, there will always be investors interested in the gold mining industry, and there are several players in South Africa too doing great for some time now.