List Of All Platinum Mines In South Africa (Names)

List Of All Platinum Mines In South Africa

South Africa is blessed with various profitable mineral resources, including platinum, and the mining sector keeps contributing hugely to the country’s growth. In fact, many of the richest individuals and companies in South Africa earned their wealth from this sector.

Actually, the idea of mining in the territory can be traced back to as far as in 1867 when it was discovered that there was a diamond on the banks of the Orange. In subsequent years, various other minerals were found in large quantities too, including platinum – which is a naturally occurring chemical element that is, in reality, rarer than gold.

Platinum, which is mined mainly in South Africa, is a metal that is formed when minerals are worn out from their original position and then transported by water to another place. So, what workers do is simply to sift through the sand and search for the metal.

In this article, we will list the platinum mines in South Africa as well as where they are located in the country. Here are they:

List Of Platinum Mines In South Africa

  • Pilanesberg Platinum Mine
  • Kroondal Platinum Mine
  • Bathopele mine
  • Northam Platinum Mine
  • Anglo Mogalakwena Platinum Mine
  • Impala Platinum
  • Platinum Group Metals
  • Modikwa Platinum Mine
  • Marula Platinum Mine
  • Mogalakwena Mine – North Concentrator
  • Two Rivers Platinum Mine

Details On The Platinum Mines In South Africa

·         Pilanesberg Platinum Mine

Pilanesberg Platinum Mines (Pty) Ltd was established back then in the year 2002, and their job is to mine platinum group metals.

ADDRESS: 6 EcoFusion Office Park 324 Witch-Hazel Avenue, Block Highveld Park Centurion, 0157 South Africa

·         Kroondal Platinum Mine 

Kroondal Platinum Mines Limited is a well-known company in Rustenburg that deals in platinum – outsourcing mining, refining, and marketing activities to contractors. The firm has partners like Impala Refining Services which they sell products to.

ADDRESS: KPMG Forum 427 Hilda Street Hatfield, Pretoria, 0083 South Africa

Platinum Mines In South Africa

·         Bathopele Mine

Next is Bathopele Mine – which has a reputation for being one of the largest platinum mines in the country. Not all platinum mines can brag of having reserves that are around  5 million oz – but Bathopele Mine can boast of 5.3 million oz each year. Additionally, the Mine has a production of 120,000 oz of platinum annually.

Address: Bathopele Mine, Waterval Farm, Rustenburg (Rustenburg District), Bojanala Platinum District, North West, South Africa: Lo

·         Northam Platinum Mine

Northam Platinum Ltd. is another popular firm in South Africa that deals with platinum.

Address: Farm Elandsfontein 440 JQ R566, Brits, 0250

·         Anglo Mogalakwena Platinum Mine

This is a big open-pit mine situated in the north-western part of the country, with a reputation of being the largest platinum reserves in South Africa. It produces up to 310,000 oz of platinum annually.

Address: Steilloop Road, Mogalakwena, 0601, South Africa

  • Impala Platinum

Impala Platinum Holding Limited is another top producer of Platinum as well as other associated platinum group metals.

Address: Impala platinum mines, Rustenburg (Rustenburg District), Bojanala Platinum District, North West, South Africa.

  • Platinum Group Metals

Here is another place where platinum is being produced in South Africa, and it is located in Johannesburg.

Address: Platinum House, 24 Sturdee Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196

  • Modikwa Platinum Mine

This platinum mine can be found between the Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces, and it is one of the most popular mines in the country

Address: Modikwa platinum mine, Burgersfort, South Africa

·         Marula Platinum Mine

Marula Platinum Pty. Ltd. was founded back then in year 19909, and it is another mining firm in South Africa that mines platinum ore (as well as related metal ore)

ADDRESS: 2 Fricker Road Illovo Northlands, 2196 South Africa

  • Mogalakwena Mine – North Concentrator

A Metal processing firm in South Africa that deals with platinum.

Address: Steilloop road, Mogalakwena, 0601, South Africa

  • Two Rivers Platinum Mine

Two Rivers Mine is an open-pit mine situated close to Steelpoort, in the province of Mpumalanga.

Address: Burgersfort, South Africa

Other Important Things You Should Know About Platinum Mines In South Africa 

Just as stated earlier, this mineral is a naturally occurring chemical element, and it is more scarce than gold (experts said platinum is the least common of all famous precious metals).

However, it is beautiful in appearance – silvery-white and shiny. However, don’t mistake platinum with the white gold, for they have similar look. Those that are trained in terms of identifying these precious metals will know the stuff that should be spotted on the piece before tagging it platinum.

It should also be added that just as Platinum is rarer than gold, it is also more durable than gold. Therefore, many people prefer opting for things like platinum engagement rings because of its durability (unlike gold rings that can easily break). Due to factors like these, you will spend more money to get a platinum ring than you would for a ring made with gold (though we should add that the difference in price isn’t too huge).

Since the ancient times of the ancient Egyptians, platinum has been valued, particularly for its strength and beauty. Nevertheless, the precious metal is not only used to make jewelry, but it is also used in various other things.

Platinum is in high demand for use in catalytic converters for transportation vehicles, as it can convert harmful engine emissions into less damaging waste.

Additionally, Platinum can be utilized as a catalyst to produce chemicals like silicone, nitric acid, and benzene. Platinum compounds, as far as the healthcare sector is concerned, are a component of some chemotherapy drugs.

Also, it is quite relevant in the electronics industry too. It is important as far as the production of computer hard disks it’s concerned. As stated earlier, it is known for its strength – and this feature made it relevant in various ways. Indeed, it holds up well under high temperatures and can also resist chemical attacks.

Do you know that during the Second World War, the metal was a vital strategic one? In fact, according to history, while the war was on, the metal was not allowed for jewelry production. Indeed, it is a unique one, as it is not simply about beautification, but also vital to economic and defense efforts. Hence, when you see the price tags slapped on platinum, don’t be surprised, the metal has a unique profile (and reputation). It is versatile – beautiful, useful, strong, and so on. The price tag is well-deserved, and it deserves attention too.


In conclusion about platinum mines in South Africa, you should also be informed about how the name came to be. According to history, when the Spaniards discovered the metal in Colombia at first while they were mining silver, they were not too impressed with what they saw.

Of course, they haven’t known nor explored its potentials, and they simply discarded it for its pollution, given the metal the name “Platina” (which means “little silver”). So, from “Platina” came the English word “platinum,” and it has come to stay. Now, it is prevalent in South Africa too, and it remains an integral part of the country’s economy.