List Of Accredited Distance Learning Colleges In South Africa

List Of Accredited Distance Learning Colleges In South Africa

The List Of Accredited Distance Learning Colleges In South Africa. Distance Learning is a development in education in which students do not have to physically receive tutorship within the four walls of a classroom.

In the earlier days of Distance Learning, the students received their lectures by written letters which were sent to them from the institutions, but as time progressed, with the development of information technology, most long-distance learning courses have been shifted to the internet, and students now receive their lectures via pre-recorded videos. This has increased the efficacy of knowledge diffusion and made long-distance learning more popular all over the world.

List Of Accredited Distance Learning Colleges In South Africa

In this post, we present to you our esteemed readers a list of colleges and institutions of higher learning that offer long-distance learning courses to their students. We must state that the most suitable correspondence colleges and long-distance learning universities in South Africa vary depending on the preferences or particular needs of the individual student.

As for the matter of accreditation, this can vary according to the area of specialization of the college; with some colleges getting their approval from the Department of Higher Education, while others get their approval from international bodies like CIMA, ACCA, and CFA. An abridged list of the accredited distance learning colleges in South Africa follows below:

List Of Accredited Distance Learning Colleges In South Africa

  • Skills Academy
    • Established: since 2009.
    • Accredited by: DHET/ South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).
    • Courses Offered: events management, hospitality, entrepreneurship, accounting, childcare, computer.
  • TWP Academy
    • The Together We Pass Academy (TWP)
    • Year of Establishment: 2015.
    • Accreditation by: The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB),  Quality Council for Trades, and Occupations (QCTO),   Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority (FASSET).
    • Courses on Offer: Professional courses in business: accounting and finance, workplace safety, business management, office administration, among others.
  • Home Study College
    • Accredited by: FASSET, National Qualifications Framework (NQF.),   ICB
    • Courses on offer: Book-keeping, entrepreneurship, accounting, public administration, and financial management.
  • The Learning Group
    • Year of Establishment: 1984
    • Accreditation by: FASSET,  ICB.
    • Programs on offer: Digital photography, beauty therapy,  wedding planning, history of art, hospitality, commercial and restaurant interior décor.
  • International Business Training College (IBTC)
    • Qualifications available:  CIMA, ACCA, and CFA, National Diplomas and Certificates.
    • Programs on offer: Human resource management, Business management, and Marketing.
  • South African College of Business (SACOB)
    • Accreditation by: Department of Higher Education in South Africa.
    • Courses on Offer: Accounting, Business administration, and Business Management.
  • The Assessment College of South Africa
    • Accreditation by: FASET.
    • Courses on offer: Interior Decoration, Hospitality, Beauty therapy, and so on.
  • The University of the Witwatersrand
    • Accredited by: Department of Higher Education
    • Courses offered: Business School (Accounting, Business Administration, Book-keeping, Finance)
    • School of Governance (Administration, )
    • University Website:
  • The University of Johannesburg
    • Accredited by: Department of Higher Education
    • Courses Offered: leadership skills in various industries and public services.
    • University Website:
  • Stellenbosch University
    • Accreditation by: Department of Higher Education
    • Courses on offer:  online master’s degrees in public management and development, (Masters degree in Public Administration) {MPA}, various Academic Certificate Programs and short courses that are achieved through lectures and interactive telematic education.
    • University website:
  • University of South Africa
    • Accredited by: Department of Higher Education
    • Study Options: short courses and certification programs,  diplomas, and degree programs.
    • Physical Address: Preller St, Muckleneuk, Pretoria, 0002, South Africa
    • Phone Contact: +27 12 429 3111
    • University Website:
  • Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA)
    • Accreditation by: Department of Higher Education.
    • Courses offered: B.Sc Business Administration, MBA Business Administration, etc.
    • Website:
  • The Hatfield Christian Online School (HCoS)
    • Accredited by: Department of Higher Education
    • website:
  • Lyceum Correspondence College
    • Accreditation by: Department of Higher Education
    • Courses Offered:  Certificates, Diploma, and Distance education courses in business administration, traffic management and policing education and fleet management


As stated in the introduction to this article, success in distance learning depends to a large extent on the student knowing and choosing the school that is most suitable for his individual needs and circumstances. If a student wants to be a teacher, for instance, then he should review the colleges that offer to teach courses before making the final decision.

Furthermore, Long distance learning requires self-discipline if it is to be done successfully. This self-discipline is especially necessary for the area of time management and commitment to studies. This is because there is nobody to hound you and force you to take your courses serious. Your regular correspondence can only come from your burning desire to succeed and excel in your chosen course of study. Adult and distance learning is a vital development in the South African education system because it gives one an opportunity to pursue career advancement when one is already working.