King Monada Car Gets Repossessed

King Monada

King Monada’s M4 car was taken by police on Wednesday, according to the source it is said that King Monada is owing lots and lots of money for that car, the bank had to repossess the car to recover outstanding amount. Now you can ask yourself how does that happen to celebrities, but the answer is simple and straight forward, Monada is also human he can make mistakes just like anyone.

King Monada

People must stop acting as if Monada is so perfect or must be perfect just because he is a celebrity, we were all affected by this man made pandemic it will be so hard to recover by we will reach the recovery destination bit by bit, he is one of us, in fact every celebrity was affected, to King Monada I can say ‘be strong man because it’s part of life, there is nothing to be ashamed of’. What I liked is that he already posted on his facebook page and it sounded like a joke