King Monada Steals Another Song

King Monada Steals Another Song

Rising producer Mr Six21 DJ Dance claims that award-winning musician King Monada is jealous of him. This is after King Monada removed his name from a song they worked on together titled Kgopotse Ex Yaka. The pair dropped the song together last month and Monada released the music video for the song last week and excluded Mr Six21’s name from the song.

Mr Six21 said Monada is jealous and angry because he signed under record label, Open Mic Productions and not under him. He told Daily Sun that King Monada offered to sign him under his label before Open Mic offered him a deal and he didn’t take it. “I know Monada is angry and jealous because I decided to sign under Open Mic instead of him. So he removed my name from the song. He asked me to join King Monada Music and I didn’t want to,” said Mr Six21.

The producer said the offer from Open Mic was better and that’s why he went with it. “I turned Monada down because I didn’t want to be signed by another musician. And when Open Mic offered me a deal, I took it because it was better. Since then, he doesn’t speak to me the same way. Even when I speak to him on the phone, he’s not okay and I can tell it’s because I signed with the other label and not him,” he said.

Mr Six21 said he hasn’t spoken to Monada about removing his name and he won’t bother. “After this happened, I don’t care about that song anymore. My plan is to take my part as the person who produced the song and do something different with it. I’ll leave that song, but I won’t change that beat and I’ll get my own vocalist,” he said.

When asked if his name was registered on the song with Southern African Music Rights Organisation, he said: “I don’t think so.” King Monada’s manager Albert Makwela declined to comment. “We’re not going to comment on this one. We don’t want to go into that drama,” he said.