King Monada One Day


King Monada One Day ft Leon Lee. The hardworking King of Limpopo is back another hot single. So, he finally gives his fans the song “One Day” as promised.

On the song “One Day”, by King Monada and Leon Lee. Thy highlight the pain of a man who falls in love with a woman who doesn’t feel the same. So, He asks the community to talk with her on his behalf. Because, he loves her some, he promises that one day they be together. Stream, Listen and Download One Day by King Monada below.

King Monada One Day

King Monada One Day Lyrics

  • Kego fereile la mathomo wa gana. ( I proposed you the first time, you said no).
  • Kago fereya la botwo wa gana. ( I proposed you the second time, you said no).
  • Kago fereya la boraro wa gana. ( I proposed you the third time, you said no).
  • Wena Aowi, Ndumetxe. ( Hey You, Please say yes).
  • Ke kgopela le ape naye, Ke monyaka ka madha. ( Please talk to her, I love her a lot).
  • Ke go botxe ga kae gore keago nyaka. ( How many times must I tell you that I love you).
  • One Day is One Day.


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