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King Monada Nkhetha Bjala ft Dj Solira

King Monada Nkhetha Bjala ft Dj Solira

King Monada Nkhetha Bjala mp3 is out to the fans and they loving it big time. King Monada continues is consistency with is songs and he keeps bringing message that is relevant.

He always finds a way to communicate with his fans in his own way. Khutso Steven has used music as an instrument to fix many society challenges. He now came with a song that touches the subject of women and alcohol.

King Monada Nkhetha Bjala Message

Nkhekha Bjala elaborates a situation where a man finds himself with a dilemma. moreover, he has to choose between alcohol or his wife. In many cases in rural areas men finds themselves abusing alcohol while neglecting their families. It is not surprising when they often find themselves in a situation where the women gives the option to choose one.

King Monada Nkhetha Bjala Lyrics

Na Monna le dibeer, wena oka khetha eng? ( Between a man and alcohol, what will you choose)
Na Mosadi le dibeer, wena ( Between a woman and alcohol, what will you choose

Nna nka khetha beer, ( i will choose alcohol)
kea tseba gore why nke khetha beer, ( I know why i choose alcohol)

Wena oka khetha monna, ( You can choose a man)
Wa tseba gore why okhe monna ( you know why you choose a man)
Wena oka khetha mosadi, ( You can choose a woman)
Wa tseba gore why okhe mosadi ( You know why you choose a woman)

Ase gore kena le tshele nna, ( Its not like i have quarrels against women)
Batho bawe ba nrobile pelo, ( These people broke my heart)

King Monada Nkhetha Bjala mp3 download

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