King Monada-Mr Hit After Hit- With Another Hit

king monada
King Monada

King Monada never ceases to impress and rattle his fans with  a new song(hit) after another song(hit), Hence he inherited his name Mr Hit After Hit. His latest Song- Onyaka Goja dife( What would you like to eat), is a new fan favourite that is trending everywhere.

king monada
King Monada

Because King Monada sings his music in Khelobedu, some of his fans who doesn’t know the language but loves his style of music are struggling to understand the meaning or message that the song conveys find a full.

Yet others knows the language but the message conveyed by the song is still hidden to a few.

Some may ask themselves what the song is all about, here is summary of it all.


He starts by telling his woman/wife that she will not fool him about her needs, that he knows what she wants. and continue to reveal exactly what he thinks she wants, which is Food .

What kind of food is King Monada Talking about?

What kind of food, we have no idea. Later he clarify this by telling his woman/wife that he cooked more than one dish. Thus she needs to choose which dish she want to eat, between this one and that one.

Then he asks his wife how was the food after she ate, and orders her to wipe off her mouth because people might know she was eating . Knowing that he is a kind person, he will share the food with them, in turn the wife will be angry with him for sharing the food.

I leave the question with you, what kind of food that will make the wife to angry with him, should he share with other?
Comment below what kind of food do you think he is referring to?

You can watch the video here:  King Monada- O Nyaka Goja Dife


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