King Monada Accused Of Mistreating His First Wife

King Monada Accused Of Mistreating His First Wife

Fans were shocked to learn that singer King Monada had two wives, Lerato and Cynthia. Early last year he bought a brand new  VW Polo for Cynthia.

Fans noticed that Monada did not buy his first wife Lerato the same gift. Monada also flaunts Cynthia around but does not do the same with Lerato.

Apparently the singer abuses his first wife Lerato and at times he gives her money which he later takes back. Lerato is unemployed whereas Cynthia works at the local Municipality.

WhatsApp screenshots linked to Lerato asking her friend R300 so she she could join a WhatsApp Stokvel have been going around on social media.

Her friend replied by advising her to go to school because what King Monada was doing to her was not healthy. Unfortunately the phone was with King Monada.

He replied by insulting Lerato’s friend. King Monada also threatened her.

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