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Khuli Chana who is now Lamiez Holworthy’s husband was born on the 27th August 1982. He’s 32 years old and turning 33 years on the 27th of August 1982.Chuli Chana was born in Mmabatho at North West

Khuli Chana biography profile summary

Real Name         :Khulane Morule
Gender               : Male
Date of birth       :27 August 1982
Place of birth       :Mmabatho North West
Education            :N/A
Age                      :38 years old
Ethnicity                :Black
Nationality            :South African
Occupation          :Rapper, Song Writer
Label                    :Mythrone records
Instagram              : @Khulichana
Net-worth             :$173,843

Khuli Chana Date of birth

Khuli Chana was born on the 27th August 1982. He’s 32 years old and turning 33 years on the 27th of August 1982.Chuli Chana gre in Mmabatho at North West

Khuli Chana Personal Life

Khuli Chana was shot by police in 2016 when he’s car was mistakenly identified. The incident was a major blow to his name. He luckily survived the shooting, fully recovered and his name cleared. Chili Chana is married to A Radio and a TV personality Lamiez Holworthy in 2019.

Khuli Chana relationship

Khuli Chana started dating Asand Maki in 2010 and they both had a daughter. Khuli Chana says Nia is the reason why he fell in love with music. Nia is born on the 10th July 2013

Khuli Chana is now in a relationship and married with South Africa’s one noticeable dj and radio an TV personality Lamiez Holworthy

Khuli Chana Education

Khuli Chana’s education has not been made public he only talked about his music and rise recognition

Khuli Chana Career

Khuli Chana was born in Mmabatho, North West. He started rapping at an early young age. He was a member of a rap group called Morafe.

Khuli Chana gained fame after he released his major successful album called Motswakoriginator. Which infuses both English and Setswana Languages.

Khuli Chana shared a stage with one of the famous American Singer Drake as an opening Act. He partnered with Vodka brand (absolut) as one of their ambassadors for the market of South Africa.

1 Tswa daar
2Hape le hape
3 Havenots
4 Mnatebawen
6All hail
7 One Source
8 Never grow up
9 Holding on forever
10 Konka
12 Freshe
13 Sthandwa Sam
14 Shots
15Mahamba yedwa

Khuli Chana shooting incident

On the 28th October 2013 Khuli Chana was shot by the police in Johannesburg misken his car with another that was stolen.

It was confirmed that police from Bedford view were pursuit of kidnappers and they mistakenly arrested Chili Chana thinking Khuli Chana’s luxury sedan was one of the kidnappers

The shooting happened at the caltex garage on the enroute highway in midrand. The kidnappers chose caltex garage as their ransom collection point.


Khuli Chana net-worth

It is estimated that Chili Chana’s net salary is $173, 843


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