Kelly Khumalo And Jub Jub Son Suspended From School

Kelly Khumalo And Jub Jub Son Suspended From School

Christian,  Who is the son of the two celebrities kelly Khumalo the musician and Jub Jub the host of Uyajola 9/9, Christian is almost 10 years old, has been suspended from school because he lies and he stole someone’s hat. Kelly admits that he’s been lying more and more and her mother mentions that “a boy child needs his father”. That’s when Kelly reveals that contrary to popular belief, apparently Jub Jub never tried to reach out to her so that he could be reunited with his son, as he claimed just after he was released on parole.

Now Kelly refuses to go to his house to ask him and his family to show up for Christian.

kelly khumalo and jub jub

Kelly Khumalo leads a pretty public life which led to Mzansi questioning if getting a front-row seat into her life was worth their time, but if her trailer is anything to go by then Mzansi is going to enjoy going deeper with Kelly.

Life With Kelly Khumalo, which airs on August 6, doesn’t leave any subject that Kelly has ever hogged headlines for behind.

TshisaLIVE got a chance to watch three episodes of the much-anticipated reality show and can say with certainty that viewers will enjoy the “background” conversation to all the headlines the singer has made over the years.

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