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Kefilwe Mabote’s Luxury Cars Seized By AFU


The Influencer Kefilwe Mabote’s Cars Seized By AFU Because Of Corruption.

One of South African’s biggest influencer and Social Media personalities Kefilwe Mabote had her car seized by AFU (Asset Forfeiture Unit) after she was involved in the corruption scandal that inlovolves her partner Edwin Sodi.

Edwin Sodi signed a contact years ago and nearly after 5yrs after the contact was identified as asymmetrical by the auditor-general, Edwin Sodi got arrested over a R225 million asbestos contract scandal. On Tuesday 25 vehicles were seized including Kefilwe, Edwin and Edwin’s firm blackhead consulting.

It is reported that Kefilwe’s cars which were seized will be placed under lock and key, pending the upshot of the criminal pursuit of her partner. Kefilwe’s white Ferrari that was posted on her Instagram page has been seized by the South African Government Officials…

According to the reports some of the gifts that Edwin Sodi bougt for Kefilwe were also seized..Kefilwe Mabote is alleged to have bags worth hundred thousands in compliance with the AFU’s provisional restraint order.

“A total cash of R300 million had been frozen” the NPA reported. However Kefilwe seems to be unalarmed by the drama surrounding her and Edwin. While the scene was still on fire Kefilwe was reported to be driving around in her Porche unfazed by the furore.

The NPA’s Sipho Ngwema said that court appointed curators had taken charges of the car

The curator have been working at the business

premises as well as Sodi’s Bryanston property. 

They have concluded their work for the day.”

He said.