Jub Jub Biography: Age,  Ex-Girlfriend, Children, Education, Wife, Prison Sentence, Uyajola 9/9 Show

Jub Jub Biography: Age,  Ex-Girlfriend, Children, Education, Wife, Prison Sentence, Uyajola 9/9 Show

Jub Jub real name Molemo Maarohanye is an accomplished musician famed for his flexible music career. He easily switches from one music genre to the other without any ease. This quality has made him become a household name, and one of SouthAfica’s big entertainers today. He is a child start and is adored by corporate and businesses alike for various reasons. Some of these reasons are his corporate strategic partnerships, brand campaigns, product launches, and music concerts.


Jub Jub Age

Jub Jub was born on the 29th of June in 1980. He is 40-years-old.

Jub Jub was born and raised in Soweto, Orlando East as a part of a family of 5. He is famously known for Ndikhokhele bawo – a Xhosa gospel song that is translated to Guide me, father. Apart from this, he is also the son of Jackie Maarohanye, a quality that makes him a well-known figure in South Africa. Jub Jub had an exciting career that saw him appear in reputable South African commercials at a young age.

Jub Jub ex-girlfriend

Jub Jub ex-girlfriend

Jub Jub was with Kelly Khumalo before his sentence. Khumalo is a singer and an actress. She is also a single mother of two, who often posts a lot of content about her little girl Thingo whom she loves so much. Thingo’s father was Senzo Meyiwo, a soccer star who was gunned down at Kelly’s home, Vosloorus

Jub Jub Children

Jub Jub had a son, Christian, with Kelly Khumalo. Christian is a handsome child, who according to online buzz sites, will turn a lot of heads in his adulthood.

Jub Jub Education

Jub Jub was very lucky to score a scholarship and attended La Guardia High School for Performing Arts in New York, Manhattan.

Jub Jub Wife

Jub Jub is married to a mysterious woman In a recent publication by all4women, Jub Jub confirmed his marriage to a mysterious woman. He confidently pointed out that he is a married man, but was not ready to open up about the woman. When asked why he said that he did not want to expose his woman and their affair to the public because his wife is a private person. He was also quick to deny the accusations leveled against him, sometimes back, about beating up his girlfriend.

Jub Jub Prison Sentence

Jub Jub

Jub Jub together his friend Themba Tshabalala caused an accident on the 8th of March in 2010. According to the court report, they were drag racing under the influence of hard drugs on a public road near a school and that accident resulted in the loss of 4 children and two more suffered permanent brain damage. On the 5th of December in 2012, Jub Jub and his friend received a 25-year jail sentence each, for attempted murder and three related offenses which also included driving under the influence.

In 2014, two years after serving – they had an appeal on the 7th of February 2014. Later on, during the year on the 8th of October, their appeal was successful and the murder ruling weighed down to culpable homicide and their sentence reduced to 10 years..

In 2017, Jub Jub and Themba were both released on parole after serving over 4 years of their sentence.

Jub Jub Uyajola 9/9 Show


Jub Jub is the mastermind behind the new show which is getting more viewers each time it airs, Uyajola 9/9, as it seeks to expose infidelity.

It is the South African version of Cheaters, which features different dramatic revelations of cheating moments.

In his first official interview after he was released from prison, Jub Jub mentioned that he was working on a show which will be the first of its kind in the country.

  •  I am very proud to be pioneering a show that is a very first of its kind in Mzansi. There is no doubt that cheating and infidelity are social ills that are wreaking havoc in South African communities. Therefore, my quest with this show is to shed light on the impact infidelity has on all affected individuals. As you can imagine doing a show like this takes a lot of courage as you are dealing with people’s lives and their pain on a daily basis. I’m telling you it’s not for the faint-hearted.

  • Jub Jub believes that through the show, he will be assisting South Africans who need answers and learning if they are being cheated on.
  • “I am a firm believer that once people have answers they are able to make informed decisions about themselves and their relationships moving forward.”

Jub Jub’s presenting skills have been celebrated for growing the channel and the program to being what it is today.

Even celebrities have weighed in and praised Jub Jub for being fearless with the different cases that he handles on the show.

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