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Jacob Zuma axed his lawyer & hires a new team to prepare for corruption trial

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In preparation for the biggest trial of his life, Jacob Zuma fires his old laser Daniel Mantsha and immediately hires Eric Mabuza to replace him. Apparently, Mabuza didn’t come alone but with a team to help prepare for the big corruption trial that has been dragging for years.

According to a statement issued by the J G Zuma Foundation, the ex-president is busy preparing for his highly anticipated corruption trial. Advocate Muzi Sikhahane has been hired as well, tasked with gathering a profficient legal team that will advise and assist Jacob Zuma in preparing for the biggest trial of his life”.

The Foundation had thanked the axed lawyer for his services, continuing to say that “former president Zuma has unfortunately come to the conclusion that it is in his best interests to part ways with Mr Mantsha at this stage so that he can focus more on the preparation for the trial”.

The nation waited impatiently for the trial and finally they will obtation clarity and the truth about this case

“Former president Zuma, therefore, welcomes the opportunity that the upcoming trial will create for South Africans to get much-needed certainty about the bona fides of the State’s case against him as well as shed light on the much-needed certainty as to who exactly benefited from the alleged Arms Deal corruption”.