Jack Mabaso’s Maid, Rose From Generations The legacy Is A CEO In Real Life

Rose From Generations The legacy

In real life, 50-year-old Veronica Matlaila is a successful businesswoman who holds a Degree in Human Resources Management and the founder and Chief executive officer of Ubuzwe Talent Solutions a recruitment agency she formed in 2009. Veronica Matlaila is managed by Star Quality Agency and takes acting seriously though as a hobby.

Rose has witnessed violence, love, affection, murders, and illegal activities by being Jack’s house helper… She has also proven her loyalty to her boss Jack Mabaso, she did not notify Jack’s brother who came asking deep questions about Jack hoping to find answers, she also asked Jack’s mother to leave the office knowing that she might find something.

Veronica Matlaila has a passion for acting before appearing on Generations she featured as a production cast member in Ashes to Ashes, Zabalaza and Rhythm City. Veronica’s first career was in 1994, She was placed as a human resources manager therefore she worked for global organizations like research surveys, Accenture and Barloworld.