Itumeleng from The River, Check Out Where She Is Now

Itumeleng from The River

Larona Moagi is a talented South African actress, best known for playing Tumi (Itumeleng) on ​​The River. In the TV series, she is a violent young woman who refuses to be silent when her elders fall into greed. Many people may not know it, but this is the only role she has played on TV so far.

She has been on the television industry for a while she has accomplished so much in her career as an actress but her journey was cut short after viewers complained about her acting skills which couldn’t improve as time went by. Since her exit on the show, we have never seen her on our screens and probably she has chosen a different career path.

This beautiful young lady is also known for her remarkable beauty apart from everything else and also her great sense of style which is absolutely incredible and mind blowing. Have you see how she has changed since left the show? Isn’t she just beautiful?