Is Uzalo Actor Nkunzi Leaving The Show? Speculations Arise At The Show’s Next Move

Is Uzalo Actor Nkunzi Leaving The Show? Speculations Arise At The Show’s Next Move


Uzalo is the number one leading soapie in South Africa in terms of the ratings and most-watched telenovela.

The soapie had numerous interesting actors who came and exit the show

Not long Ago, the belovedKhanyilebrothers Thulane and Godfather left the show in a style taken out by Nkunzi.

At The moment there is a feud between Nkunzi  and Mammlambo

Nkunzi wants to be the ultimate Don with all the power and Manqcobodoes not like that.

Fans are suspecting that Manqcobo might use Nkunzi’s murder of Thulane and Godfather against Nkunzi and to get him off the board.

nkunzi uzalo

Would this be the end of the chief villain in Kwamashu, Nkunzi

This Year, March 2020, the actress Sphelele Mzimela, who played Mazaza was allegedly fired after the show’s producers discovered that she was pregnant and it wasn’t part of her storyline.Uzalo is no stranger to firing actors

Thulani is also stated that his storyline was supposed to end in October but Covid-19 changed the course of things and he was released earlier than he should have from the contract.

Rumors suggested that the actors were fired from the show because they started demanding bigger salaries.

However, we all know Nkunzi is the king of comebacks, he always has a card up his sleeve.

Uzalo’s production company nor the publicity team have not suggested his dismissal, thus indicating that Nkunzi will be sticking around for the time to come.

We can imagine, fans would riot if Nkunzi checks out.

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