How To Lose Belly Fat In A Week


How to lose belly fat in a week

– Have you ever imagined if it’s possible to lose that pound of flesh on your belly in just a week?

– More study was conducted by the experts in diet and exercise on how to effectively lose belly fat in one week so that you can enjoy your transformed body in a just a week and feel stunning in the process in a short time.

-Sacrificing a little bit of your time and focus can lead you to enjoy that summer body you always wanted, flat tummy coupled with a healthier body.

-Rituals starting from the morning, when you wake up throughout the day till bedtime can definitely be the key to making sure you remove, inch by an inch of belly fat every day.

Let us begin with

  1. Lemon Water
How to lose belly fat in a week
Lemon Water

One of the most proven ways to cleanse your system, burn belly fat around your waist effectively is by drinking water with lemon inside. It should be the first thing you do in the morning.

How to Prepare It:

Squeeze out the juice of one lemon into a Cup of warm water.

  1. Stay Hydrated (Feed Your Body with Water)

Drink a minimum of 2 liters a day to remain hydrated or keep water in your body. This will help your metabolism to burn fat. Some people find it hard to drink normal water.

Tip: you can start with flavored water infused with lemon, cucumber, and mint.


Why Lemon, cucumber, and Mint?

– They are extremely effective for weight loss and have a refreshing taste in water


How to prepare it

How to lose belly fat
How to lose belly fat
Mint Leaves
How to lose belly fat





  • Slice up three lemons, cucumber and combine it with 12 mint leaves in a three liters of water, and Store it in the fridge for a period of four hours before drinking.

3. Exercise your body (Be active)

– Jogging or walking in the morning will definitely refresh your senses greatly. This helps your body to transport oxygen to the brain, sleepy muscles. Once they are active, so does your metabolism. An active metabolism equals to burning fat.

How to lose belly fat

If Jogging or walking outside in the morning is not feasible for you, you can engage in any CARDIO exercises like Jumping which is more effective than Jogging and Walking.


Make sure you exercise for a period of 30-60min a day to help you lose that belly fat more effectively.

  1. HIIT (High-intensity interval training)
How to lose belly fat
Rope Jumping

You might not like this one but HIIT is one of the best exercises to burn belly fat faster. e.g. when jogging, try to jog as fast as you can for 10 seconds followed by slowed pace jogging for twelve seconds.

repeat the cycle for 3 minutes after that you can switch to doing belly fat burning exercise like Plank, you can do this for 15 minutes a day it will still be enough.

Remember your question: how to lose belly fat,  you wanna achieve.

How to do Plank exercise

How to lose belly fat
Plank Exercise

Get in a plank position, Bend your right knee to your right arm. And keep changing the left and right knee until you tire yourself.

You now have the formula, it’s simple, but many people will fail to follow.



For this program to work, you have to be consistent and follow every step to the T. This is my simple program many people have followed on how to lose belly fat. You can do it and you will do it.



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