House of Zwide: Faith Keeps Her Secret and Kills Funani’s Mother

House of Zwide

It seems some of the Zwide are finally seeing Faith for whom she really is, she has been manipulating everything and everyone to get everything her way but it seems people are starting to see her for who she really is. Everyone in the Zwide family have been her puppet in her game and the sad thing is that everyone seems to think that she is doing everything for the family. However, for Ma Zwide it seems she is not like anyone else and she can see that Faith is not the person she pretends to be.

Funani’s father has been praising her for being there for the family and for a minute Ma Zwide almost changed her mind that is before she overheard her talking about Funani’s supposed dead daughter Zobuhle that who is actually still alive.

MaZwide heard everything that Faith said and was able to connect the dots on how she was able to become Funani’s wife. It seems Faith wanted to live the luxurious life and she ended up committing so that she could become the next Mrs Zwide.

Now that Funani’s mother knows the whole truth doesn’t look good for Faith at all. If it gets to Funani that would be the end of her marriage and the luxurious life she has been leaving, it seems MaZwide won’t keep quiet about this and she will surely let the rest of her family know about thus whole thing. In order for faith not to get in trouble she has to keep MaZwide quiet or will be the end of her.