Gomora Spoilers: Langa is Melusi’s Son

Gomora Spoilers: Langa is Melusi’s S

The principal of Alex High Melusi real name Zolisa Xaluva, was deeply in love with Thati when she dumped him for a richer man in Sandton, the love Melusi had for Thati Never died and this drives Gladys crazy. She knows that she is second best and was able to live with it though out the years when Thati was married and living in Sandton.  Melusi found Gladys and married her because he got tired of waiting.

However, there’s another issue hanging over their love triangle; Langa! Nthati was pregnant when she left Alex with Langa and never disclosed it to Melusi, Langa or her mother; MamSonto. Have you noticed how different Langa is to Buhle? Langa like Melusi is kind, calm and an academic. He’s a spitting image of Melusi and nobody has questioned it because Thati is good at keeping secrets.


Gladys is going to lose her mind when she learns the truth; Melusi will divorce her because he loves a strong woman like Thati. So although Buhle and Ntokozo are not related, they share a brother which is still incest anyhow. Ntokozo and Buhle will either stay together after finding out or be too disgusted by their parent’s past and stay apart. Buhle will only break up with Ntokozo when she discovers that he is the one who killed her father.

Langa will be thrilled to know that the man he looks up to is his biological father and Ntokozo will be jealous of their relationship.

Will Gladys faint when she finds out or will she deal with this reality like she’s supposed to? This secret will unfold when Thati and Melusi start having an affair. I adored Thati’s pet name for Melusi “Mel” and I love the look on Gladys’s face when Thati says it.

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