Gomora Actress Zodwa Open Up About Having Seven Children From Different Fathers

Gomora Actress Zodwa

Sannah Mchunu acts as Zodwa on Gomora. South Africans have fallen in love with her character and she continues to please her fans. She acts as the house maid of Glady’s the wife of Melusi Dlamini. Zodwa acts as the mother of Teddy the inspirational young boy who rising against all odds. A lot of people only know Sannah from the cast but they do not some of the things from get real life.

The actress is one of the young people who got pregnant at a young a age. At the age of 19 she was already the mother of two children. She has proven that people can rise against all odds even after going through hard times. The actress has revealed how badly she was treated when she was staying with the father of her fifth child.

The actress is a mother of seven children from different fathers and she has proven to the masses that anything is possible. She got married with her five kids when she thought that she could never found her love again. She is now happily married with seven children. This has given hope to many women who think that it’s the end of the world for them if a relationship does not work out.