Get To Know House Of Zwide Zanele In Real Life

House Of Zwide Zanele In Real Life

Londeka Mchunu is one of the fast-rising stars in South Africa’s entertainment world. Her acting skills have received recognition so that she got nominated for the Best Supporting Actress on TV and Best Newcomer Actress on TV for the Simon “Mabhunu” Sabela Film & TV Awards. Ironically, you will be amazed to know that the award-winning actress has never studied acting. In fact, it was her friends that talked her into acting because of her ‘bubbly’ personality.

Those who know Londeka Mchunu can rightly confirm to her love for fashion and gorgeous outfits. As a fashionista, she commands attention while her career as an actress is progressively walking her to becoming a favourite actress of entertainment lovers.

The face of the award-winning Londeka Mchunu has become among the few faces that people want to watch on big screens. As one of Isithembiso actors, apart from her professional way of acting, she is one of the hottest actresses whose fashion senses are making them go viral on social media. Even though she did not initially plan to pursue a career in acting; yet, her role in the Isithembiso soapie has made her one of the fastest-rising stars in the industry.

Londeka Mchunu is best known for the role she plays in the youth drama series Isithembiso as Snegugu. Instead of calling her full name, sometimes, when you mention Sne from Isithembiso, fans can easily relate to her. When she was growing up, her love for sports was second to none. In fact, she got to provincial trial-level right in her primary school and had the opportunity of playing hockey, netball, soccer and touch rugby.

But unfortunately, when she got to high school, the passion began to decrease, partly because of teens excitement; she could not bear playing matches on Saturday afternoons while her peers party around. Since she picked up a career in acting, her success stories have kept growing in leaps. A proof of this was when she got an award as the Best Newcomer Actress during the Simon Mabhunu Sabela Awards.

In 2016, when Bomb Productions needed a new talent for an upcoming drama series, her friends forwarded her details on her behalf since she was busy running errands that day. Eventually, she was contacted, and she attended the audition. When she landed a role in Isithembiso, Londeka had to drop out as a corporate communications student studying at Varsity College. The reason was that she was only studying the course so she could have a degree to fall back on. And having found a new passion in acting, continuing the course became of no use to Mchunu