Get To Know Grace Medupe From Scandal In Real life, You Wont Believe Her Age

Get To Know Grace Medupe From Scandal

Meet Scandal’s Bathabile Mashigo, who portrays Grace Medupe, Romeo Medupe’s mother. Grace Medupe has appeared on Generation and The Queen in the past. Bathabile, as an unknown individual who attended the Mbeleko ceremony for Mvelo, could be the one who took the baby.

She travels to New York twice to further her studies in order to establish her worth in the entertainment industry. Bathabile was one of the students whose teachers saw her potential when she was in high school. Her teacher saw a talent in one of the curriculum studies for a theatre acting assignment. When she got older, she realized she had a skill and pursued it.

The actress has appeared in three television parts despite spending the most of her time in school calming her ability. Her first appearance on Generations as an HIV-positive character aids her in her fight against stigma surrounding persons who are infected with the illness.

On Death of a Queen, she also makes an appearance. She is now seen on Scandal as Grace Medupe. The landlady of the Newtonian Hotel and the mother of Romeo, who is obsessed and roasting everyone who tries to interfere with her romance.

Bathabile appears to be a person who is concerned about her health, as seen by her visit to a doctor to be examined for breast cancer. It is critical to be aware of such details, including your HIV status, so that you can avoid the disease’s consequences.

Bathabile is also the type of person who doesn’t claim she’s old and done; according to media reports, she travels to New York twice a year to further her education. It’s unclear whether she takes short classes or whether it’s part of her academic schedule, but she’s incredible.


Real names: Bathabile Mashigo

Born: 16 November 1976

Occupation: Actress and businesswoman

“When people see me in the grocery store, they assume I am unapproachable. People believe I’m trying to hide or that I believe I’m special because I’m quiet. But at the end of the day, all I want to do is go home with my bread and milk “she remarked, laughing. quotation marks and commas.