Generations The Legacy: Week 7-11 Feb 2022 – Kabisi Fights With Mazwi

Generations The Legacy: Week 7-11 Feb 2022 – Kabisi Fights With Mazwi

Generations The Legacy: Week 7-11 Feb 2022 – Kabisi Fights With Mazwi

Kabisi gets encouragement to get up and fight from Mazwi. Kabisi took a serious knock last week from Nkosiyabo Cele, and he is ready to quit. Mazwi then reminds him that he is still the majority shareholder at hashtag Ezweni.

It’s a game of cat and mouse now. Kabisi will definitely retaliate and it won’t be a clean retaliation, the game is dirty and the players even dirtier.

Nkosiyabo is definitely spreading his venom. Last week he pulled his weight with immediate effect as CEO and hired Ayanda as the news CFO of Hashtag Ezweni. He also re-appointed Pamela Khoza. Pamela was fired by Kabisi last week if you remember, for insubordination.

This week Nkosiyabo lays the law for her, he tells her that being disloyal to him would be a big mistake.

Mpho saves the day at Lucy’s shebeen. Robbers wearing Balaclavas and guns burst into the place and Mpho turns into an action hero right there. He is seen trying to disarm these guys. Jeez! I hope he makes it. Those guys look vicious.

I can’t shake the feeling that something is not right here, that this has something to do with Lucy. Maybe Lucy planned this.

Monday 7 February 2022

On Friday Nkosiyabo caught Luyolo talking to Pamela about him. Remember Luyolo doesn’t like Nkosiyabo and after he found out about his plans to take over Hashtag Ezweni he told Pamela.

Tonight Nkosiyabo asks Sphe to watch out for Luyolo. I see trouble brewing for Sphe and Luyolo. Sphe won’t take it well that Luyolo spoke to a journalist about her uncle.

Lucy is uneasy about Mpho’s attack and she asks Yster who actually did it. She feels bad about what they did.

Speaking of Mpho he gets into a fight at the nightclub that he took Tracy to. Remember Tracy ran into an old friend there and this friend was with a certain guy who gave eyes to Tracy. Mpho fights with that guy. Really now! Anyways let’s see where that ends up.

Fikile might have to help someone tonight, it might be Tracy but let’s wait for tonight’s episode to see.