Generation Actor Tshidi Biography, Age, Parents, First Husband, Second Husband, Divorce, Children, Lesbian, Girlfriend, Traditional Healer And Net worth

Generation Actor Tshidi Biography, Age, Parents, First Husband, Second Husband, Divorce, Children, Lesbian, Girlfriend, Traditional Healer And Net worth

Letoya Makhene is a gorgeous South African actress. She is not only an actress but also a singer and television personality. She famous  for acting in  the South African’s famous soapie opera Isidigo and Generations. Peopleattracted to her because of the dishonorable character she portrays in the Generations soapie.

In that soapie, she has playsed the role of  Kumkan Phakade’s gangster wife. The South African queen, Letoya Makhene, is powerful due to her fantastic skills as a singer and actress. She had made numerous appearances in the South African music industry since when she was seven years old.

When she was young, she was singing along famous Brenda Fassie as her backup singer. Being a child, Brenda Fassie mentored her as one of her children. The mentorship helped Letoya to be the most shaking singer. In Letoya Mekhene’s music career, she has not only worked with DJ Cleo in the song “The one,” but she has also worked with DJ Qness in the song “I Get Weak.”

In 2016, she did release her solo song, and currently, she is preparing to launch a first appearance solo album.

After being part of the soap Generations: The Legacy for four years, Tshidi Pakhade decided to leave the popular soapie. She reportedly said that decision was spiritual; however, she had difficult times trying to convince her colleagues over the same.

Last month the actress returned to Generation to cause predicaments. However fans love the new Tshidi who is now married to Kabisi Moroka. People among her fans describe Latoya Makhene as a person who has a lot of brains and a sense of purpose. She believes in the quality of work, and that is why she always takes her time to come up with a likable craft.

Letoyo Makhene Age  

The beautiful TV actressl Letoya Makhene was born on 7th Septembe 1984. She is currently 36 years old who resides in Johannesburg.

Letoyo Makhene Parents

Letoyo Makhene Parents

The parents of the gorgeous actress are Blonde Makhene (father) and Agnes Makhene (mother). Makhene’s father is a music legend who has huge experience in the music industry. Letoya shares some characters with her father since both of them are musicians.  The actress has three siblings.

Letoyo Makhene First Husband

Letoyo Makhene First Husband


Letoya Makhene was married to her handsome husband, Privilege Mangezi before getting divorced after nine years in marriage. The two were blessed with three boys Nubia, Tadiwa, and Tamuda.

Letoyo Makhene Second Husband

Letoyo Makhene Second Husband

Tshepo Leeuw is the second husband of the Letoya. The two are blessed with the beautiful baby girl. They have been together as wife and husband for one year. However things didn’t go well between them and they part ways.

Letoyo Makhene Children

Letoyo Makhene Children

In total, the actress has four children- three boys and a girl. The first husband of Letoya Makhene is known as a Zimbabwean Privilege Mangesi. She had three children from him; Nubia, Tadiwa, and Tamuda before things went bad. She divorced Mangesi after nine years of their joyful marriage.

Letoyo Makhene Lesbian  

The actress Letoya Mkhene early this year April 2020 shocked many when she reveal that she is lesbian. The mother of four Letoya received negative comments for being a Lesbian however the actress wasn’t bothered. The actress father is very supportive and he doesn’t have a problem about her daughter being a lesbian, in fact he gave her a go ahead.

Letoyo Makhene Girlfriend  

The actress is currently dating a business women Lebo Kwetsa. The two are so much in love with each other and they do almost everything together, From romantic dates to serving the communit. One might be curious as to how and when the two lovers met.

According to Letoya the two met back in 2016.  “We met back in 2016, We never even exchanged numbers that night. We went our separate ways. 4yrs later, we meet again. 4yrs later we’re dating. 4yrs later I’m deeply in love with her. 4yrs later I’m experiencing love in such a different way,” Letoya said.

Letoyo Makhene Traditional Healer


Letoya Makhene always wanted to be a traditional healer but later erased to be an actress. She had the ambition of becoming a healer who will save people’s lives. She enrolled and trained for several months as a traditional healer; however, it begun on her that she could not make it. She opted to work in Generations: The Legacy.

Letoyo Makhene Net Worth

Letoya has been in the entertainment industry for quite a long time. She has no doubt combined a huge fortune with the greater part of her wealth coming from her professional singing and acting career. Despite her obvious riches, She prefers to lead a modest lifestyle. However, the specifics about her assets and liabilities are still under review making it difficult to establish her actual net worth. Her salary is also unrevealed.

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